Marketing Card Technology Releases Guide to Boosting Direct Mail Results

Marketing Card Technology (MCT) has released a new guide for marketers titled “The Essential Guide to Boosting Direct Mail Response using Membership Cards.” The guide is the first of its kind, focusing specifically on the strategic use of cards within direct mail campaigns to increase engagement and results.

This launch coincides with the ongoing United States Postal Service (USPS) promotion, offering discounts on interactive and engaging mailers. MCT highlights that card-based direct mail often qualifies, aligning the guide’s release with possible cost savings for marketers.

Key Content of the Guide

The guide offers industry-specific advice and examples on designing effective card-based mail packages. It also introduces the concept of a “keepsake card” as an element to increase emotional connection and customer loyalty. Practical production advice, such as printing options and card embossing standards, are also included.

“When it comes to direct mail success, cards have proven to be an evergreen solution,” stated Push Venkitasamy, CEO of MCT.


The guide is available in PDF format directly from MCT and can be obtained without cost by qualified marketers.

To request a copy of the guide, marketers can contact MCT at or visit the MCT website.