riyo.ai Enters Market with New AI-Powered Analytics Platform

riyo.ai, a new analytics platform designed to optimize website traffic and customer interactions, formally launched last month. The platform is the creation of serial entrepreneurs Krunal Shah and Tapan Patel, experienced through their software company Third Rock Techkno.

The founders observed that businesses often struggle with website visitors leaving without conversion, resulting in missed opportunities and poor return on investment. riyo.ai aims to directly solve these problems.

Key Features of riyo.ai

  • User Behavior Analysis: Heatmaps and session recordings provide detailed understanding of how visitors use a website, leading to improvements for increased conversions.
  • Real-Time AI Chat: An AI chatbot offers immediate engagement with website visitors, fostering connections and the potential for sales.
  • Automated Form Capture: Simplifies lead generation through efficient data collection.
  • Anonymous Website Visitor Identification: Particularly useful in the B2B sector, this helps uncover and nurture potential leads that would otherwise remain unknown.
  • Data Analytics: Turns complex website data into usable insights, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions for marketing improvement and higher ROI.

Positive Reception on Product Hunt

riyo.ai’s recent debut on Product Hunt generated significant interest. The company positions itself as an alternative to standard analytics tools, offering a holistic solution for turning online interactions into meaningful customer experiences.

With its founders’ track record and suite of innovative features, riyo.ai could become a significant player for businesses looking to improve their digital marketing strategies.

To learn more, visit the riyo.ai website: https://www.riyo.ai